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Disable WordPress Admin Bar In WordPress 3.1+, Disable WP Admin Bar For Each WP User

After upgrading a couple sites to WordPress 3.1 and testing various things I finally got annoyed enough by the new Admin Bar. I definitely understand the purpose of such a bar but I rarely use WordPress for just blogging software so for me and I imagine for others the WordPress Admin Bar is just in the way. Luckily you can disable or enable this on a per user basis by editing each users profile. Below are example image and instructions for disabling the Admin Bar for a user.

Technology Errors

ATT iPhone Visual Voicemail Not Working After iPhone 3.1 Firmware Upgrade

After upgrading my iPhone to firmware version 3.1 my Visual Voicemail stopped working. Initially I wasn’t sure what the issue was but I was not receiving voicemail via the iPhone. I did finally find out that I could retrieve the voicemail by holding the 1 key which will then dial voicemail and let you retrieve your voicemail. If you are able to retrieve your voicemail by holding the 1 key but the voicemails are not showing up in the iPhone voicemail interface then there is an issue with what ATT calls Visual Voicemail.