Information Security

btscanner Brute Force Bluetooth Crashes On Backtrack 5 R3

I have been playing around with some of the bluetooth tools within Backtrack recently and btscanner is one of the main tools I have bene using. The btscanner application in Backtrack Linux provides two bluetooth scanning functions it calls inquiry scanning and brute force scanning. Unfortunately the package installed with Backtrack 5 release 3 will crash when attempting to use it for brute force scanning however I was able to create a fix that isn’t too messy to accomplish. Below we describe the btscanner crash in more detail and provide a way to get btscanner bluetooth brute forcing operating properly.

Technology Insights

ActionView::TemplateError (protected method filter_parameters called for #)

I assisted in looking into a Rails issue earlier with a friend. After making some modifications to some Ruby code he had an issue receiving exception emails which were generated by Rails. The rails plugin being used to accomplish this is called exception_notification and resolving the problem was simple. As you will see below instead of upgrading the entire plugin a couple lines in one ruby file were modified, the web server restarted, and the exceptions again started functioning properly. Below I display more of the error and the modifications made to resolve the error.