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Find The Ram Speed in Linux from a CLI Shell

Here is the next in my series of posts as I tweak the new tools server to reach its full potential. I recently added a Intel i7 965 Extreme chip to the server and I am trying to get all the kinks ironed out. One thing I suspect is that the ram is not operating at its full potential. Both the ram and the chip list that they are capable of reaching a 1600 MHz speed so I want to get them running at that speed. Normally these things are fairly easy in Windows where we have a GUI and all kinds of fancy oveclockers tools but as you know from previous articles this server is a extreme definition of hybrid and it also runs a server version of Cent OS so we have no GUI. This has brought me to discover many new and interesting Linux CLI tools. Today I will show two different ways to check your ram speed and also get some other useful information.