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Install the Latest PostgreSQL Yum Repository for CentOS

Keeping PostgreSQL updated via yum should be done via the pgdg yum repository supplied by The latest CentOS PostgreSQL repo can be viewed here.   You will need to download the repo and then install using rpm as shown below. bash wget rpm -Uhv pgdg-centos-8.4-1.noarch.rpm Another helpful postgresql install and management link is located…

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WordPress Plugin: QuickCode Quick Reference Information

I typically post a lot of code or Linux shell data into WordPress posts using the SyntaxHighlighter plugin however in some scenarios that doesn’t always work the best so I use the QuickCode plugin. Since QuickCode is only rarely used I always forget the possible options that are available so this is a quick reference to those options.

QuickCode: A WordPress plugin formater

Standard QuickCode Post With No Options:
<?php print “This is sample code line one”; ?>
<?php print “This is sample code line two”; ?>
<?php print “This is sample code line three, Question Defense ROCKS!”; ?>

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How to Continue a Stalled SCP File Transfer Using RSYNC

To continue a stalled SCP file transfer is easy using rsync. The rsync command will allow you to continue a partial file transfer using SSH to encrypt the transfer. Many times when doing a large file transfer with SCP you run the risk of the connection to the server dropping during the transfer or of the transfer becoming stalled. Regardless of either one you can continue things with rsync as shown below.

The below command should be run from the server that the file is being transferred too.


  1. rsync --partial --progress --rsh=ssh local-file-name
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Configure Google Talk on Trillian With the Jabber Plugin

To configure Google Talk on Trillian you will install, activate, and configure a Jabber connection. This can be completed by verifying the Jabber plugin is installed and activated. Once the Jabber plugin is activated a new account must be created and connected. Follow the directions below to configure a Google Talk account in your Trillian client.

  1. Open Trillian Preferences:First you will need to verify the Jabber plugin is being loaded. Open Trillian, click Trillian in the top menu, and select “Trillian Preferences” from the drop down as shown in the image below.

    Trillian Preferences