Technology Errors

/usr/bin/ruby: No such file or directory

If you attempt to run Ruby and get the above error it is because Ruby is not in your path. This can be caused by numerous reasons such as if you removed Ruby to reinstall it and you were still logged into the same shell. If this is the case you can simply log out and log back in or if you are using bash just type “bash” from the command prompt to reset the shell.

Technology Insights

Add a Delay to a Dial Up Modem Before It Dials Out

I haven’t configured a dial up modem in quite awhile so I forgot a number of the tips and tricks that I used to use back in the good ole modem shotgun days, etc. I was working to get a dial up connection working properly through an SPA-2000 over a VoIP connection. In doing so I was thinking that the modem was actually dialing out to quickly and it might help the situation if I added a delay before the modem actually dialed out. Below I describe how to add a delay to a dial up networking connection on Windows XP.