Technology Insights

Add Color to Dispatch-Conf

When updating Portage on a Gentoo system you generally have to update all the config files after wards. The default way to do this is to use etc-update. There is however a better way and that is to use dispatch-conf. One of the reasons I prefer it is that it makes a backup of the file you have replaced so that if something does break you can replace the original file. This is something that etc-update doesn’t do.

Technology Errors

Litespeed: Input Error Detected. Please Resolve The Error(s). Path Does Not Exist.

Today I was configuring a server running Postgres, Ruby, & Litespeed. It is a fairly easy setup that I run on numerous servers and it simply takes time to go through the motions to get everything up and running. There are a ton of steps so its highly likely that I miss one along the way. Today everything went smooth except for in one of the last steps where I start configuring virtual hosts in Litespeed I received an error. The error was stating that the path I was entering into the virtual host configuration did not exist. The error and the resolution are explained in detail below.