Kali Linux Articles

Use the menu below to locate howto's related to Kali Linux. The below menu is a replica of the menu system within Kali Linux though it only includes items related to Information Security and/or penetration testing. If you would like to see an article written on a specific Kali Linux application that is not currently available in the menu please let us know by filling out the Question-Defense.com contact form located here.

***NOTE*** Be sure to scroll down past the menu to see items such as commands and scripts that are installed with Kali Linux but not in the menu.

**NOTE** If you cannot find an article about a specific Kali Linux application please fill out the article request form.

Kali Linux CLI Commands:

  • bulk_extractor
  • capinfos
  • dff-ui
  • smbclient
  • ss

Kali Linux Perl Scripts:

  • coming soon

Kali Linux Python Scripts:

  • list-urls.py

Kali Linux Ruby Scripts:

  • coming soon

Kali Linux Shell Scripts:

  • coming soon

Kali Linux Windows Executables:

  • sbd.exe