NTFSPROGS(8)                                                      NTFSPROGS(8)

       ntfsprogs – tools for doing neat things with NTFS

       ntfsprogs  is  a  suite  of NTFS utilities based around a shared library.  The tools are available for free and
       come with full source code.

       mkntfs(8) – Create an NTFS filesystem.

       ntfscat(8) – Dump a file’s content to the standard output.

       ntfsclone(8) – Efficiently clone, backup, restore or rescue NTFS.

       ntfscluster(8) – Locate the files which use the given sectors or clusters.

       ntfscmp(8) – Compare two NTFS filesystems and tell the differences.

       ntfscp(8) – Overwrite a file on an NTFS.

       ntfsfix(8) – Check and fix some common errors, clear the LogFile and make Windows perform a thorough check next
       time it boots.

       ntfsinfo(8) – Show information about NTFS or one of the files or directories within it.

       ntfslabel(8) – Show, or set, an NTFS filesystem’s volume label.

       ntfsls(8) – List information about files in a directory residing on an NTFS.

       ntfsmount(8) – Read-write NTFS userspace driver.

       ntfsresize(8) – Resize NTFS without losing data.

       ntfsundelete(8) – Recover deleted files from NTFS.

       The  tools were written by Anton Altaparmakov, Carmelo Kintana, Cristian Klein, Erik Sornes, Giang Nguyen, Hol-
       ger Ohmacht, Lode Leroy, Matthew J. Fanto, Per Olofsson, Richard Russon, Szabolcs  Szakacsits,  Yura  Pakhuchiy
       and Yuval Fledel.

       The ntfsprogs can be downloaded from:

       These manual pages can be viewed online at:


ntfsprogs 1.13.1                  April 2006                      NTFSPROGS(8)

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