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How to Add Tab Complete to Vim Search

I recently started using the Vim editor again. It used to be my favorite because of all the great plugins. I have been getting lazy the past year and have been using nano but recently I had to work on a few systems which only had vim and I was not able to install another editor. I am am going to write a few article’s on my favorite plugins.

Tab complete is probably the best thing about linux and the shell so it only makes sense to be able to use it with vim. Adding this plugin makes it possible to tab complete while using the / to search in vim. Below I will show how to add plugins to vim.

Technology Insights

What Is jusched.exe?, How To Turn Off The Java Update Scheduler

I like to know what every process running on my computer is and the other day I happened upon the jusched.exe process on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit laptop. After searching my computer I figured out that the jusched.exe process is really just the Java Update Scheduler which runs in the background the entire time that your computer is running which seems like a waste of resources to me. Below I describe how to turn off the Java Update Scheduler process but also how to schedule a Windows 7 task to check once a month for Java updates.