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Import Outlook Express .DBX Files Into Windows 7 Windows Live Mail

I had a client over the weekend that had a computer crash which required a new computer to be configured and old data imported. The old computer was Windows XP and the new computer was Windows 7 so one of the things to import was Outlook Express email into the new Windows 7 Windows Live Mail. The directions below will assist in importing the Outlook Express .DBX files into Windows Live Mail.

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System Restore disabled by Group Policy & Regedit disabled by Group Policy

I had a customers computer in the store today which was a simple windows XP home edition desktop and they wanted to restore the PC to a earlier time. This is normally a simple task however when I went to system restore I recieved the error “System Restore Disabled by Group policy”. Since this was just a normal persons desktop I found this very odd. Next I tried to edit the policy values via the registry and was greeted by another error saying ” Registry Editing has been Disabled by Group policy”. This was starting to get a little annoying so I decided to document my steps to fix this issue.  Now before I get a hundred comments with people saying there is a better way remember there is more than one way to do things and this is just my way.

Below I document the few simple steps to fix this error.

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Restoring the Windows 7 Boot Loader After a Dual Boot

A few months ago I made my laptop a dual boot install with Windows & and Ubuntu 10.04. I recently remembered why I dislike dual booting and decided to remove the ubuntu partition. I never use it. When I need Linux I either boot a Virtual Machine or else I ssh to one of my many Linux servers, there is just no good reason to have a dual boot linux system for me. The laptop was booting from Grub so if I would have just deleted the Linux partitions I would have been left with a unbootable system, so I had to rebuild the Windows & boot loader first.

Below I outline my steps for doing so:

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PostgreSQL: PSQL Select Distinct Output * To Generate New Table

Earlier this evening I ran into a unique issue where a PostgreSQL table had been created with no primary key this allowing duplicate rows to exist in the database table. You are unable to delete such rows in a SQL table because there is no primary key. After not being able to delete the rows via the PSQL CLI I opened pgAdmin III to see if I could delete the rows using the GUI interface provided by pgAdmin III however the delete was grey in the menu as shown in the below image.