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How To Easily Post Code Snippets In Your WordPress Blog

Ever since we started this site I have been struggling with posting code snippets into WordPress blog posts. First I was attempting to use the <pre> and <code> tags but they would blow out the side of my Mandingo theme with two columns. I would then try to go through the code and break the lines at the right places trying to do the formatting myself… no a brilliant idea. Justin whom also posts on this site suggested Markdown which works great. I even put some effort into learning it and don’t mind using it at all. I installed the Text Control plugin and replaced its markdown.php with Markdown Extras markdown.php file which worked like a charm. My problem was that I was still blowing out the side of my theme. After a fairly long search I found a plugin that I did not find on but directly on the developers site called QuickCode which you can locate here

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The Best Way To Learn To Program

I created this site as a way for people to post errors, get responses, and learn in general. I have been a sysadmin in some sort of capacity for going on 10 years now and am just getting around to tackling being a programmer. Currently I have some shell scripting experience but overall I am just not a programmer. I doubt this will get many responses right away since the site is so new but I wanted feedback on what peoples opinion on the path someone should take to become a programmer. I am mad at myself for not jumping into this earlier but better late than never. I have decided to learn using Ruby and technically Ruby on Rails.

Technology Insights

How To Tell If httperf Is Using SSL

I had created a script to run ask for a couple CLI arguements and then run httperf against a server. The goal was to load test a server for HTTP and for HTTPS. I added the –ssl switch but could not verify a couple things including if httperf had been compiled with SSL support or if the –ssl was working at all.

1. Was httperf installed with SSL support?
This is an easy one. If the –ssl option exists then your httperf was compiled with SSL support. I wasn’t sure since I installed httperf via YUM in CentOS. I also tested by compiling myself and both versions had SSL support. If you do compile yourself you can check compile-dir/config.status and see if SSL support compiled properly.