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.htaccess Redirect All Traffic to www

There are a couple things that need to be considered when creating an htaccess file to redirect all traffic from a domain to www.domain. Follow the instructions below to make sure you have your bases covered and traffic is redirected properly.

  1. mod rewrite:Make sure the rewrite_module is being loaded. You should see a line like the following in your apache configuration file (typically /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf).
  2. bash

    1. LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

Technology Insights

Convert .t1 Font to Truetype Font, Convert Macintosh Fonts to Windows Font on Windows for Free

You can convert fonts from .t1 to .TTF for free Its easy to convert a font from Mac to Windows and if you are like me where this will only happen once in a blue moon then you  can download a trial version of CrossFont to get the job done. One warning is that the font will not always look the same. You can convert the font to a couple different formats including PFB+PFM(PC PS Type 1 Font), AFM (ASCII Font Metric), or OTF (OpenType CFF Font). I tried both PFB+PFM and OTF and found that for the font I was converting that PFB+PFM looked much better when used with Adobe Photoshop.