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Performance Settings and pagefile.sys Should be Investigated after Upgrading RAM on Windows

After upgrading the RAM on your Windows XP or Windows Vista computer (laptops and desktops) you should review your performance settings. The primary concern will be your pagefile.sys size to make sure it matches or exceeds the amount of RAM you have in the computer. For those of us that are familiar with Linux more so than Windows the pagefile is also called the swap file in Windows. The pagefile or swap file is used for anything that won’t fit into RAM so technically it is an overflow for RAM so the excess has somewhere to go.

RAM: Random Access Memory

Technology Insights

Database Scaling Terminology

Some quick explanations on designing scalable databases (thanks to Jon Sime of the PostgreSQL mailing list and Media Matters for America)

Horizontal vs Vertical scaling

Horizontal scaling is merely a general concept which, in its simplest form, means “adding more nodes” as opposed to vertical scaling which (very roughly) means making an individual node as powerful as possible. The two are not mutually exclusive (you could add more nodes, and make each one as powerful as possible — if you’ve got the money), and the concept is not limited to databases.