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Firewall Settings for Playstation 3, PS3 Firewall Ports

If your PlayStation 3 is operating slow, losing connection, or just not working right most of the time the chances are that you need to change some settings on your Internet router or firewall. Routers use NAT(Network Address Translation) to allow multiple devices to function behind the router as if they all have the public address that your ISP(Internet Service Provider) has provided to you. The PS3 requires various ports to be open to communicate with other users online as well as other ports to be opened to the PlayStation 3 for other games to function properly. Below I list these ports required for the PS3 to operate, ports required for certain games to operate, and followed by a brief explanation of what you need to look for in terms of configuring your router or firewall.

Technology Insights

Linux: Setup TFTP Server on CentOS

The below steps will allow you to set up a TFTP server on Linux but specifically on a CentOS server. All you need to do is install a couple files with yum, enable the server, and restart xinetd.

  1. Install TFTP Server: Use the below syntax to install the TFTP server on CentOS.
  2. bash

    1. [root@centos-server ~]#yum install tftp-server

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Upgrade a Linksys WRT54G Version 5 Wireless Router Firmware

Upgrading a Linksys WRT54G v5 wireless router is a bit more complicated than most of the other Linksys WRT54G wireless routers. It is not as easy as downloading a dd-wrt .bin file and uploading it via the router administration GUI. Instead you must first install some other bin files to wipe the wireless router clean and then install the dd-wrt software.

Follow these instructions and your wireless router will be running dd-wrt software in no time.

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Zencart Show Accepted Credit Cards Images or Text

Its really easy to configure ZenCart to show the credit cards that you are going to accept to customers during their checkout. Not only could you display the text of these images similar to the below example but its also very easy to display images of the credit card types you will be accepting.

Example: We Accept: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover

The default text can be modified in the credit_cards.php languages file located in /includes/languages/english/ directory.

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Zencart: How to Add an Order Status Type

Zencart has four default order status types which are Pending(1), Processing(2), Delivered(3), and Update(4). The number in parenthesis represents the order in which the order type will be located in the drop down so by default the first type in the drop down is Pending.

To add a new order status type login to the Zencart admin, click on Localization in the top navigation, and then click Order Status. This will display the order status type admin page where you can add, modify, or delete order status types. If all you need to do is add a order status type that will be located in 5th or higher place then click the Insert button at the bottom and add the new order status type. The very next one you add will be 5th, then 6th, and so on. So if you added Out of Stock via the Insert button you would now have the following order status types: Pending(1), Processing(2), Delivered(3), Update(4), and Out of Stock(5).