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Rails 2.x start up (boot up) process

Here’s a “hierarchal summary” of The Rails startup process from a paragliders perspective – artweb design. By hierarchal, I mean its organized by how the code is executed. By summary, I mean things that I was interested in. Rais app starts by runningĀ  environment.rb boot.rb is required (require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), ‘boot’)) Defines RAILS_ROOT constant (points to…

Technology Insights

Remove the Blank Toolbar from my FireFox Browser Window

If you use the Google Toolbar like I do then that is where you store access to all of your bookmarks. The FireFox web browser is set up by default to provide a bookmarks toolbar which if it is not used then its a waste of space. Initially it looks like the bookmarks toolbar is just part of the FireFox design however by simply unchecking the Bookmarks Toolbar as shown below in the image you gain more room for the display of web pages.

FireFox Bookmarks Toolbar Option

Technology Insights

Get the Latest Git Repository Tag

To obtain the latest git repo tag issue the below command. In my case this is how we list the latest master version of what is pushed to our test server or live server. bash [web@server project]# git describe 1.0.0-21-g58c28a4 Our format is main_version-revision-hash which will ensure that all commits are unique. You can issue…