Technology Insights

Tips for Replacing Memory on Macbook1

Below are a couple tips for replacing memory on a Macbook (1.1) laptop. Make sure to purchase the proper memory as noted below and always handle the Macbook and RAM carefully.

  1. Purchase Correct Memory: I upgraded this Macbook from 512MB of RAM to 2GB of RAM. It uses PC5300 DDR2 667 MHz so-dimm memory.
  2. Carefully Remove: Follow the instructions from the below manual to remove the memory.

Technology Insights

How to Upgrade Matrix_ks Screen Saver on Windows XP

Upgrading the Matrix_ks screen saver released by Kelly Software is easy. You just install the updated version over the top of the current version. Make sure to install in the same directory with all of the same options which in most cases will be the default options you used to install this screen saver on your Windows XP PC.

  1. Download Updated Screen Saver: Visit the Kelly Software website and locate the newest version of the screensaver here. Scroll down the page until you get to the download section where there will be multiple versions of the Matrix_ks screen saver software. If you don’t mind possible bugs then install the Beta version however if you must have something stable then go with the older release.

Technology Insights

Cannot Checkout on Fictionwise Using iPod Touch Stanza Client

Earlier today I was purchasing a book called “The Alchemist” on Fictionwise using the Stanza application loaded on my iPod Touch. It was really frustrating because the process has way to many steps, is missing buttons, and does not make it easy to fill out the fields on the checkout forms. It is actually possible to complete the process though.

  1. Launch Stanza: Launch the Stanza application from your iPod Touch.
  2. Open Stanza Library: Make sure you are starting out on the Library screen which is the Stanza home screen.