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Windows Updates Leftover Files: filterpipelineprintproc.dll,, mxspsinc.ppd, xpssvcs.dll, etc.

Recently when running some Microsoft updates on my Windows XP laptop, including a .xNET framework update, I noticed a couple odd looking folders located in the top of the C: directory afterwards. The .NET framework had various issues during install including actual fails a couple times. I didn’t notice the odd looking folders until a week or so after running the upgrades or updates but at first I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with them.

After a bit of research it looks like the files were supposed to be cleaned up by the update process however they were not cleared out and deleted probably because of the fact that there were issues. Below is a list of some of the directories and files that were leftover after running the update process.

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Install Screenshot and Snipit Tool on Windows XP

A friend of mine showed me the Snipit tool on Windows Vista and I really wanted something similar on Windows XP however I was having a hard time locating one by searching for Snipit. After awhile I was able to find a couple of different options to try out on The two I ended up trying were ScreenHunter and ScreenPrint32 v3 on my Windows XP laptop. After testing both of these I would suggest using ScreenPrint32 v3 instead of ScreenHunter. It appeared to me that while both options were free ScreenHunter Free was an attempt to get you to purchase ScreenHunter Pro. ScreenHunter is also one of those applications that when you install it they attempt to install some shady toolbar in the process. So below I explain the download, install, and configuration of ScreenPrint32 v3 on Windows XP.

  1. Download ScreenPrint32 v3: First download the Screen Print & Capture file from here.

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Tmobile Google G1 Android Cell Phone Won’t Turn on

My wife has a Google G1 phone from T-Mobile and she couldn’t get it to turn on the other day. It was stuck at a screen with the Android logo on the front and pressing any buttons would not resolve the issue. I decided to remove the battery from the G1 cell phone to make sure it completely rebooted.

Removing the battery was a task in itself. There are a bunch of videos to explain how to do this but even with the video it was hard to remove the case that covers the battery.