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TortoiseSVN: Update Local Repository for a Remote Repository That Has Moved

If you have been working on a project that is synced with the other developers using SVN which has recently moved don’t worry as you can update its remote repository location instead of trying to manually merge all of the file into a new copy of the repository. All you need to do is use the SVN switch command with the relocate switch.

TortoiseSVN Switch Relocate Described:The below is from the TortoiseSVN help files.

Technology Insights

Redmine: Create Tables Using Textile Formatting

Creating tables with the textile formatting used by Redmine is fairly easy though it is not listed in the help documentation link. It has been useful to me to create tables specifically in the wiki informational pages. Typically within the Redmine wiki I like to keep things simple so below I will only describe a couple attributes related to tables within textile formatting.

Table Example: three rows, three columns

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Simpleviewer Pro: Remove Album Title From Displaying Within viewer.swf

I wanted to remove the album titles from displaying within viewer.swf when using SimpleViewer Pro to display my NextGen Gallery image galleries. Removing the title is easy by modifying one option in an ActionScript file, publishing the .fla file, and then uploading viewer.swf to your web server. All of these details are described below in a step by step format. The reason I chose to remove the title is because the album title is already displayed at the top of the pages within the WordPress pages.

A picture of an album showing the title is below. Notice the title shows twice because of the WordPress page title.

Technology Insights

Disable Microsoft Narrator Using The Utility Manager

I fell asleep with my laptop in front of me the other night and noticed when I woke up that everything I typed was being repeated by some computer sounding voice on my laptop called Sam. Turns out I had accidentally turned on Microsoft Narrator by hitting the Win-Key + U. This utility is one of a couple of others including Microsoft Magnifier that are managed by the Microsoft Utility Manager. Depending on the operating system these utilities run in different ways and the below article is based on Windows XP Pro though turning it off is similar on other Windows versions as well. I believe in Windows 2000 the Utility Manager actually runs as a service so the service can be disabled in the Services Manager.