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Remove Your Cell Phone Device From Your Twitter Account And Add The Number to a New Twitter Account

Recently I decided to split my Twitter feeds into personal and business so it would be easier to read technical tweets separate and distinct from the personal Twitter feeds I wanted to follow. So I decided to keep the first account for my personal account since my friends will already know how to find me and then open a new account for getting technical provider tweet updates and various other technical blogs Twitter feeds. So this left me with a minor issue which was my cell phone was configured already for my personal Twitter account though I needed to use it for my new account. I will be using the new account to get text messages for immediate notification if one of the providers I use is having some sort of outage.

You are only allowed to have a phone number, in this case my cell phone, configured for one Twitter account. So to accomplish my goal of splitting out the technical tweets from the personal tweets I needed to move my cell phone over to the new account. Follow the below instructions to move your mobile phone number from one Twitter account to another Twitter account.

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Viewing TCP/IP payload in Wireshark

When using the network protocol analyzer Wireshark, if you’re specifically looking for the payload, look for the [PSH, ACK] tag in the “Info” column.¬† Once you click on the row with that tag, you will see the “Data” node in the packet window as shown in the attached window.

Wireshark TCP data

Wireshark TCP data

The other tags ([ACK], [SYN], [FIN,ACK]) shown in the “Info” column are TCP control packets and do not include any data/payload. They are used for handshaking.

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Twitter Background Image Deminsions To Fit Left Side

On a lot of Twitter feeds you will see a image to the left of the feed itself which makes it look as if the Twitter page itself has been designed. Basically what people are doing is adding a background image and typically using the tile feature to tile the image across the background. One thing to note is the fact that the image will display differently for various screen resolutions.

If you notice in the below image the background image fits perfectly for the screen resolution the page was viewed in which was 1280×800. The background image uploaded in this example below¬†has a width of 250 pixels and a height of 600 pixels. Again these deminsions will make the image fit perfectly in a browser fully expanded when shown on a monitor/screen with a resolution of 1280×800.

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git: Show Details of a Previous Commit, git log Details

Below is information regarding the use of the git log command. There are numerous git log options described below including showing a single revision, a certain number of revisions, revisions since a certain date, and showing more details about revisions. The git log command can be useful to see specifically what has been checked in to the repository just for a revision history or to verify that the proper changes have been made.

Show Previous Commits:


  1. git log

This will show a listing of previous revisions for the current branch.