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Does the ZenCart Google Base, Froogle, Feeder Work With New Terms and Conditions?

Recently I had to accept new Terms & Conditions for my Google Froogle Base Feeder account. A major change included in this update was the fact that products being uploaded to Froogle must now include the product condition. Previously condition was not a requirement for products added via your Google Base Feeder account so some of my clients had questions on if the automatic Froogle addon for ZenCart would still function properly. Below I list information regarding condition as explained by Google and code showing that the Froogle ZenCart addon still functions properly.

Google Froogle Condition Field:

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How To Easily Install ZenCart Design Templates

Installing ZenCart design templates is easy. I ended up installing one tonight and wanted to note the location of some ZenCart templates as well as how easy it is to install the templates. ZenCart provides a great foundation for an ecommerce store which will allow you to customize any way you like. One thing that is very important from the beginning is the way you should go about customizing ZenCart. If done properly you will be able to keep your software up to date however if you start modifying any file in any location without proper notes then upgrading in the future will be near impossible. Instead of modifying the default ZenCart template you should copy all of the template files into another directory and modify this new group of files so you always have a solid ZenCart base.

Install a ZenCart Template:

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How to View Your Personal Skype Profile As Other Skype Users See It

Earlier I was playing around with my Skype profile and I realized there wasn’t a link that was obvious to view my own Skype profile. I wanted to make sure profile items that I was allowing only contacts to see were only seen by contacts.

Finally I thought of a way to view the profile without the link actually being provided. While you cannot add the contact your are signed in with to your contact list you can actually still search for that user and view the profile. First lets make any necessary modifications to your personal Skype profile.

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Outline Every Cell In Every Row Of A Table Using Textile Formatting

Textile formatting is used in numerous wiki applications and other places where easy formatting is needed for text input fields without using a WYSIWYG interface. Currently I am using textile a bunch because I spend at least some time every day adding tickets, updating tickets, and adding/modifying wiki pages in Redmine. In Redmine you have the option of using Textile formatting or no formatting by default. If anyone is on the fence regarding Textile formatting I suggest you give it a chance as it grows on you after a short amount of time.

There are a couple different ways to outline each cell within a table created using textile. Below I will explain two options available to put a border around each cell. First lets explain how to create a basic table of cell provider email addresses using Textile.

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Automatically Follow People On Twitter

Automatically following people on Twitter when they start following you is easy. All you need to do is sign up for an account at Tweet Later. Setting up and account at Tweet Later will provide you with a dashboard where you can configure multiple Twitter accounts. Once configured you will be able to set up various automation tasks including following those that have followed you, sending private messages to people, or stop following people who stop following you.

Once you have a verified Tweet Later account login to the website. Once logged in select the Accounts menu item which will open a sub navigation menu. Select “Add Account” to add the Twitter account where you want to set up automation tasks. During the setup process you will be able to configure multiple options including Auto Welcome, Auto Follow, Vet Followers, and Auto Unfollow. Below is a brief description of each of these four options.