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Windows Vista: Apply Folder View Options To All Folders On The Computer

I personally like my folders to display contents the same across all folders on the PC. Windows Vista by default displays folder contents with large icons but to me it seems much easier to navigate if you use the folder view where it displays small icons with details about each item. Below are instructions on how to modify the folder view options and then apply that view to all the folders on your computer.

The default folder view will look something similar to the below.

Vista: Default Folder View

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Modify a Users Path in Windows Vista: Vista Path Environment Variable

Modifying a users PATH variable in Windows Vista is easy. You may want to modify the PATH for a user if you have an executable located in a directory that is not already in the default Path. One example of this is if you install cygwin to have Unix/Linux style commands on Windows you would want to add C:\cygwin\bin to your user Path variable.

Follow the directions below to modify the user Path system variable:

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How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Adobe Photoshop CS4

Typically there will be certain things you use Adobe Photoshop for on a regular basis and you can make your life much easier by assigning keyboard shortcuts to the tasks you perform the most. Follow the directions below to assign a keyboard shortcut to Adobe Photoshop CS4.

In the example below we will assign Ctrl-Alt-b to be a shortcut to add a “Lens Blur” filter to a highlighted portion of an image.

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Adobe Photoshop CS4: Batch Resize Images With Photoshop

I used to use a third party application to batch resize images as a certain size is required to display properly on my personal blog. Anyhow I use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate images in many other ways and wanted to see if it would do the same batch resizing which would require one less application to be installed. Sure enough Photoshop does a great job of batch resizing images to any set sizes you prefer.

**NOTE** After writing this article I discovered a different way to resize images that is actually much easier. I wrote a new article located here describing the method which utilizes the Photoshop Image Processor.

In the example scenario below I resize images based on height and width maximum size settings. The width cannot be larger than 640 pixels and the height cannot be greater than 480 pixels. Follow the instructions below to set up a batch resize action followed by automating the batch resize of numerous images at the same time.

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Import FileZilla Sites From the Site Configuration File On Windows XP or Windows Vista

I recently had a laptop hard drive crash and needed to try and recover numerous items including a bunch of FTP sites I had configured for the FileZilla FTP client. The first task was locating the site configuration file on my Windows XP laptop and then understanding how to import the sites to another computer. The site configuration file is named sitemanager.xml and below is the location of this file on Windows XP and on Windows Vista.

FileZilla Site Configuration File Location:
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\FileZilla\sitemanager.xml
Windows Vista:  C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\FileZilla\sitemanager.xml