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How to Take Screenshots on the iPhone and Email The Image

Taking screenshots on the iPhone is simple but can be a very useful tool. I use this tool all of the time to describe how things work or describe cool iPhone features to people. The screen captures on the iPhone are saved as 320×480 pixel JPG’s which aren’t super high resolution but it will open in perfect clarity the same size as your iPhone screen.

To Take a Screen Capture on the iPhone and Email the Image Follow These Steps:

Technology Insights

Internet Explorer 8: Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?

A default installation of Internet Explorer 8 has some security settings that can be annoying at times though technically they are the correct way to have things configured. One that will pop up a lot if the default settings is left untouched the the display of “mixed content” or display a HTTPS URL that has HTTP content mixed into it. Technically when visiting a secure webpage being delivered over SSL there should not be any HTTP items on the page as it leaves the door open for a security breach. The problem is there are a ton of web sites out there that display mixed content.

**NOTE: This setting is the same for the Windows XP 32-Bit and Windows 7 64-Bit versions of Internet Explorer 8.

Technology Insights

How To Redeem Coupon Vouchers That Come With FREETALK® TALK-5068 Web Cams

I recently purchased the FREETALK TALK-5068 buddy pack as they call it which includes 2 web cameras, 2 headsets, and 2 vouchers for Skype minutes. Let me start by saying that the web cameras are awesome and the kit was definitely worth the money. The cameras have a rubber bendy base in the form of a body with arms and legs so you can easily stand the camera up on your desk, sling the arms over your laptop screen, etc.