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Compile Litespeed PHP To Include GD FreeType Support, GD FreeType Linkage, and GD JPG Support

I was recently installing KBPublisher on a web server running Litespeed web server with both PHP and Ruby running on it. The initial check for KB Publisher complained about GD FreeType Support, GD FreeType Linkage, and GD JPG Support not being compiled into PHP. Its fairly easy to resolve this but may not be obvious to all so use the tips and directions below.

Installed Packages:

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Install ionCube Loader on a Linux Server Running Litespeed Web Server with PHP

Installing the ionCube loader on a Litespeed web server is easy. You will typically be required to install ioncube when you are running software that a company is attempting to protect. Sometimes the company will protect all of the code and other times the company might only protect some of the PHP code. The easiest way to install the ionCube loader is to modify the php.ini file located in the /etc/ directory by default.

Install ionCube Loader on Litespeed Web Server:

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How to Fix a Dead WRT55AG Version 2 Linksys Wireless Router

Recently I was digging in an old box of routers I have because I was looking for a wireless router to use as a secondary wireless network at my house. The secondary network needed to run WPA but be as secure as possible in every other way so my PSP could connect to it and use the Internet. I located a wrt55AG but the power would not come on and it took a moment but I finally remembered the story behind it. A friend had given me the wireless router saying the lights would not turn on after they used the incorrect plug to plug it in. I don’t know anything about hardware so I decided to give it a go with nothing to lose. Below are the steps taken to fix the router and get it operational again to be used as a secondary wireless router at my house.

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CentOS Linux: What RPM Package Installs the “ls” Command?

I recently noticed a difference of the output from the “ls” command between servers so I wanted to update the package on each server to make sure I was comparing apples to apples. I knew that “ls” was part of a grouping of utilities but wasn’t sure which package. You can use the info command to find out more about a specific Linux command as shown below. Only the first paragraph is shown in the output since its pages long.

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CentOS Linux: Stop Monitor From Going to Sleep Using, Turn Off Powersave

I have a couple of Linux servers at my house and sometimes I will be viewing something on the screen for a long time and will continue to need to look back to the monitor for reference. Anyhow my monitors kept turning off or hibernating after about 15 to 30 minutes. Initially I thought this would be something I could modify in the BIOS of each of these computers but I was incorrect. The way to stop powersave mode in Linux is using the setterm command. Use the syntax below to turn off powersave mode and stop your monitor from going to sleep.