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Connect iPhone Using PPTP to Office Cisco RV016 VPN

Connecting your iPhone to the office VPN is easy to configure and will allow you to be productive outside the office with ease. Using the PPTP VPN service on your iPhone will allow you to perform tasks as if you were sitting at your desk in the office. In the below scenario we explain configuring a PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) VPN connection from your iPhone to a Cisco RV016 that is already configured to accept PPTP connections located in your office. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) configuration allows you to enable and disable the connection with ease as you will want it disabled if you are not using the connection to sa ve on bandwidth.

Technology Insights

Upload An Image To Twitter When Posting From Web Site

When posting to Twitter via the web site there is not a function to upload pictures directly from the post window. The easiest way to associate an image is to use the third party service called TwitPic. If you consistently use the same service then you can also see a complete history of every image you have uploaded to your twitter posts by visiting the URL associated with your account. The other benefit of using Twitpic is the fact that if you have a Twitter account then you already have a Twitpic account that uses the same username and password. Follow the directions below to post an image when posting to your Twitter account using the web interface at

Technology Insights

Redmine Project Management: Modify Issue Tracker

You can edit any part of a ticket within Redmine though sometimes it is not always straight forward. I was shuffling around the way tickets are classified in one of our projects and wanted to move tickets from one Tracker classification to another and was unable to do so by Updating or Editing the ticket. Then I realized by moving the issue you can not only move the issue between Projects but you can also move the ticket between Trackers.

Technology Insights

WordPress mysqldump Backup Corrupted Because of Blob Fields in Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro MySQL Tables

During a recent WordPress upgrade I was performing I noticed an issue with the mysqldump of the WordPress database which was causing the actual .sql file backup of the database to not read properly. After investigating I noticed that the atpp_page_cache table from Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro included Blob columns that were not dumping properly with the default mysqldump syntax as shown below.


  1. mysqldump -u root -p databasename > db_backup_file.sql