Technology Errors

ClientExec: Type: User Error (256): billingtype

I recently upgraded a customer management software called ClientExec from a very old version (2.4.9__2.5beta4) to the latest stable version (ClientExec 3.1.4).  It had been a long time since the administration type settings had been updated but it was time to clean things up. One area lets you manage billing types which I was about to attempt. You can either delete or edit current entries or add a new entry. First I attempted to add a new entry and was greeted with the error below.

An error has occurred with the given operation

Type: User Error (256)
Description: QUERY: INSERT INTO billingtype (id, name, description, detail) VALUES(‘2147483648′,’Test’,’Test’,’Test’) – ERROR: Duplicate entry ‘2147483647’ for key 1
Request: POST /client/index.php?fuse=billing&action=AddBillingType
Script: client/newedge/classes/NE_Mysql.php
Line Number: 154
client/modules/billing/models/BillingType.php (50) : ne_mysql::query
client/modules/billing/actions/AddBillingType.php (16) : billingtype::update
client/newedge/classes/NE_Controller.php (200) : addbillingtype::dispatch
client/newedge/front.php (74) : ne_controller::processaction
client/index.php (4) : unknown

Technology Errors

isn’t numeric in numeric gt (>) at /usr/sbin/vlogger line 456

This error was displayed in Apache’s error.log after an ISPConfig installation. Initially the problem was thought to be with perl’s DATE::FORMAT however that ended up not being the case. Somehow the httpd.conf file in /etc/httpd/conf/ got corrupted on the LogFormat line as shown below. [quickcode:corrupt-httpd.conf] LogFormat “%v||||%b|||||%h %l %u %t \”%r\” %>s %b \”%{Referer}i\” \”%{User-Agent}i\””…

Technology Errors

ClientExec Plugin Leaving Screen Completely White

It has been awhile since I have used ClientExec and the plugin. ClientExec has really come a long way and everything went really smooth until I tried to start testing processing credit card orders. I filled in a new customer and attempted to save a credit card for the new user and the screen would go completely white on submit and not do anything. I wasn’t able to get much from the Apache logs or MySQL logs but finally remembered a couple packages that have to be installed for the Authorize.Net plugin to work.

All of the following can be installed with yum:

yum install libmcrypt php-mcrypt curl