Technology Errors

Computer Continues to Reboot After Upgrade to Service Pack 3

There have been a bunch of problems for Windows XP users after upgrading to Service Pack 3. Many of these issues seem to be related to AMD processors and people have had issues in the past when upgrading to Service Pack 2. There are a couple steps to take to isolate the issue and then resolve the problem.

First while the computer is rebooting continue to tap F8 so that you can choose to stop on error instead of rebooting. Once you have reached the Windows Advanced Options Menu choose the following option so you can obtain information about the error causing the reboot: Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure.

Technology Errors

pg_ctl: Server Does Not Shut Down – Force Postgres to Shutdown

You might see the following when issuing the normal stop command to postgres via pg_ctl.

-bash-3.1$ pg_ctl stop
waiting for server to shut down……………………………………………………… failed
pg_ctl: server does not shut down

Sometimes postgres does not want to shutdown by just issuing a pg_ctl stop as the postgres user. User might feel the need to “kill -9” the postgres processes however this could be dangerous for PostgreSQL. Instead of trying to kill the PID follow the directions below in an attempt to stop postgres in an organized fashion.

Technology Errors

Failed during this command: RGARCIA/perl-5.10.0.tar.gz : make NO isa perl

First let me say I am not very familiar with Perl or with CPAN so this is to hopefully help out anyone else in my shoes. I received the below type of error during various attempts at installing items from the CPAN shell. I will provide a couple examples of the errors as well as how I figured out that in reality I already had the latest version installed for my version of Perl, which is Perl 5.8.8, and the error was really saying there is a new version but Perl 5.10.0 is required.

Technology Errors

Can’t use string (“CPAN::Tarzip”) as a HASH ref while “strict refs” in use at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/CPAN/ line 94.

The below error message was received after starting the CPAN shell and running “install Class::Accessor”. It was after upgrading the message so to resolve this issue either just reload or upgrade and reload. Both sets of steps are detailed below.

Error: Can’t use string (“CPAN::Tarzip”) as a HASH ref while “strict refs” in use at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/CPAN/ line 94.

If you have not upgraded complete the following from the CPAN shell.
1. Open CPAN: perl -MCPAN -e shell
2. Upgrade install Bundle::CPAN