Technology Errors

Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

You will receive the below dialogue if the SSH key for the server you are connecting from is configured incorrectly or does not exist at all. bash [web@server git-temp]$ git clone Initialized empty Git repository in /home/web/gittemp/.git/ Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly fetch-pack from ‘’ failed. [web@server git-temp]$ So…

Technology Errors

The WP Block Admin WordPress Plugin Not Working After Upgrade From 1.0 to 1.2

Recently I was upgrading various WordPress plugins one of which was the WP Block Admin plugin. This plugin will redirect all users with certain permissions away from the default /wp-admin directory back to the homepage after login. This is beneficial if most of your users only have to login for a forum or for comments on WP posts. After upgrading the plugin I noticed it was no longer working. I went through the below steps to resolve the problem.

First off the configuration file for this plugin is very simple thus making it an easy problem to resolve. The plugin is located in the /wp-content/plugins/ sub directory in a folder called wp-block-admin and besides a readme file there is only one PHP file located in this directory called wp-block-admin.php. Besides the commenting (including version number) at the top of the file the only other difference in the file was on line 33.

Technology Errors

file /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/psvn.el from install of subversion-1.5.5-0.1.el5.rf conflicts with file

When upgrading Subversion on CentOS you may run into a conflict issue under certain circumstances. I noticed this issue when installing git via yum which required an upgrade of subversion. The installation of git failed because of a “Transaction Check Error” that was caused by the upgrade of subversion. The special circumstances included a 64-Bit install of CentOS and the rpmforge yum repo being installed.

To resolve this issue simply remove the 32-Bit version of subversion and then proceed. The process of getting this error and actually completing a successful upgrade of subversion is detailed below.

Technology Errors

Error copying file from packed archive C:/postgresql-8.3.5-2-windows.exe to C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.3/bin/comerr32.dll

When attempting to upgrade PostgreSQL on Windows XP using the One-Click installer provided by EnterpriseDB I received the below error.

Error copying file from packed archive C:/downloads/postgresql-8.3.5-2-windows.exe to C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.3/bin/comerr32.dll

After receiving this error I aborted the upgrade at which time Windows popped up the below error.