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Information Security

dictstat – Backtrack 5 – Privilege Escalation – Password Attacks – Offline Attacks – dictstat

The dictstat Python script is a great little tool for password cracking results analysis or for regular wordlist analysis. The dictstat application is located in the /pentest/passwords/pack directory on Backtrack 5 R3 and can be run using “python” from within that directory. Written by iphelix during the 2010 Crack Me If You Can password…

Information Security

spamhole – Backtrack 5 – Exploitation Tools – Social Engineering Tools – HoneyPots – spamhole

Unfortunately spamhole’s day is mostly behind us though I wish I would have been familiar with it earlier. The spamhole application developers took the approach of developing spamhole for other like minded individuals to assist in battling the SPAM issues on the Internet by creating fake open mail relays as possible and thus tricking spammers…