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Improving Wordpress: Security Tips

Improving WordPress: Security Tips

Once you start your WordPress website, you have to pay attention to all security measurements in order to make your website safe for visitors. The below WordPress security tips will assist with the beginning steps to make WordPress more secure. Websites have constant attacks from hackers that try to take some personal data, take over…

Tor Browser

Browse Privately Online – Tor vs Brave

Ever considered getting better privacy with a browser that’s been designed to shield online browsing sessions from prying eyes? Tor has been around for a long time and is widely considered one of the most popular private browsers out there. But the competing newcomer, Brave, has provided privacy-oriented people with a strong alternative. Both are…

OWASP - DTD Attacks

DTD Attacks or Document Type Declaration Attacks

Some of us, neophytes in security vulnerabilities, underestimate the damage XXE attacks can cause to a system. DoS attacks, sensitive data leaks, or server side forgery requests are only some of the threats that systems with XXE vulnerabilities are exposed to. Before we dive deeper into security aspects and attack types, it is important to…