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Create A Easy Three Column Grid Using CSS

I am by no means a CSS guru but I definitely have to do my fair share. Last night I was struggling with creating a three column grid with multiple rows inside of another div. Everything I was trying ended up blowing out of the sides of the original div or no matter what I tried I was unable to get the image and text within each chunk of the grid to line up properly. Below is the HTML file with the CSS built in for easy testing and then it can be picked apart to use however you see fir. This was definitely the most helpful way for me to integrate with my other templates once I was able to visualize it in the most simple manner.

Code Snippets

Shell Script To Check Number Of Rows In A PostgreSQL Database

The below code snipet was created to check the number of rows in a PostgreSQL database, log the output to a file, and warn if the number of rows is over a certain number. There are numerous variables in the code snipet below that will need to be modified for it to work properly including message, notify, dbuser, and logfile. This code was created on CentOS some other items could be different including the location of the date command.

This script can be run as follows: checkrows $host $database