Technology Insights

Install Newest libpcap Version On CentOS Linux

Earlier this evening I needed to install a newer version of libpcap on a CentOS Linux server. The current version available via the yum package manager is libpcap version 0.9.4-15 and I needed something newer than libpcap version 0.9.7. I ended up not being able to find a yum repository or RPM package that included a version newer than 0.9.4-15 so I decided to upgrade to the latest stable version of libpcap currently available which is libpcap version 1.1.1. Below are directions on downloading libpcap, installing it, and then verifying it is installed.

Technology Insights

Use RAR On Linux To Compress A File Into Multiple Parts

The rar command can be useful on Linux to not only compress a file but also split the file into multiple parts during the compression. This will make the files easier to transfer to other servers or easier for other people to download. First rar needs to be installed which can done on CentOS using the directions below. After that we describe how to easily compress and break a file into multiple chunks using one simple rar command.

Information Security

Backtrack 4: Information Gathering: Dmitry – Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool

Dmitry or Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool is an all in one host information tool included in Backtrack 4’s Information Gathering section. Personally I prefer doing most info gathering using tools built into Linux however it is nice to run a tool like this in the background and come back later if you are multi-tasking. Before getting into the details of Dmitry please see this article relating to a Segmentation Fault that can occur with Dmitry on Backtrack 4.