Technology Errors

Paused Downloading Firefox, Mozilla Firefox Won’t Upgrade

Earlier today I happened to check and see if Firefox was running the latest software and was surprised to see it looked like Firefox was stuck uploading. Once the download of the file started I didn’t think much else about it until I checked after an hour or so and saw that it was still trying to download an 11MB file. At this point I knew there was an issue with Mozilla Firefox as it appeared to be paused downloading the new version. Below I describe the error in more detail and how to reset the download of the new version of Firefox which in my case was 3.6.8.

Technology Insights

Append Text To Each Line In Notepad++, Prefix Text To Every Line In Notepad++

Notepad++ is one of my favorite applications on Windows because of all of the functionality it provides. One thing I needed to do recently was to add text to the end of each line in a text file but I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it without a little research. Below is information on how to both append data to every line in a text file and how to prefix data to every line in a text file.