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Litespeed PHP Compile Error: Cannot find autoconf

Once I finally made it past the PHP build process the Litespeed Admin Console Detailed Log complained of not being able to find autoconf. This one is fairly obvious but wanted to note just in case someone is not familiar with the autoconf package. Again since this is a new server with a minimal install the autoconf package had not been installed. Below are details about the error from the Litespeed Detailed Log and how to install autoconf via yum.

Technology Insights

Windows 7: Turn Off Ding When Using Tab Via SSH Sessions

This is something that came up earlier today with a friend of mine and decided it might help someone else in the future so I should note it. The sound I am talking about disabling is the default ding on Windows that occurs for many reasons but specifically if you are SSH’d into a server using console or a client such as SecureCRT and you hit tab twice in a directory to list all of the files you will hear a “ding” sound. This can be quite annoying depending on how often you use tab or if you work in the same office area as someone else. Below is information on how to disable the default ding in Windows 7.

Technology Errors

Litespeed Error Log:[ERROR] Swapping directory is not writable:/tmp/lshttpd/swap/

I booted up a server yesterday that I had not used in quite a long time and had some issues right from the beginning. I remembered the server working the last time it was live so I was assuming I could boot it up and test something on the ruby application that was installed on it. Anyhow when I attempted to connect to the web server, which is Litespeed, via a browser it would simply hang. Below is information regarding what I did to troubleshoot, what the error was, and how the error was corrected.