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Error: Missing Dependency: cvsps is needed by package git-cvs-

During an attempt to update Git on a CentOS Linux server via the Yum Package manager this evening I ran into a dependency error. The newer Git package has a dependency of Git-CVS package which also has a dependency of CVSPS package. ┬áSo initially when I installed Git it didn’t require these packages so I never ran into an error. Below I show the error displayed when attempting to upgrade git via yum followed by how I resolved the issue installing the EPEL repository.

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Use Yum To List Available Packages In A Specific Repository On CentOS Linux

The Yum, or Yellowdog Updater Modified, is a great package manager if you are familiar with how to use it. If you have a bunch of repositories activated it can be useful to know what packages are available via a specific repository. It is possible to install RPM packages via a specific repository which if another package you are installing requires a specific version of a package this can be useful. Below are a couple examples of using the “yum list” command.

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Secure /tmp And /var/tmp Directories On CentOS Linux

A couple days ago a CentOS Linux server that I took over administration on had some mysterious files show up in the /tmp and /var/tmp directories. The files were placed in /tmp and /var/tmp by the apache user meaning there is some form of security hole in Apache, PHP, or one of the virtual hosts has an insecure application installed. Before looking into where the issue is I needed to lock things down so no applications could be executed from these directories in the future regardless of a security flaw in the future. Below are instructions on how to secure /tmp and /var/tmp.

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iTunes Could Not Sync Calendars To The iPhone Because The Sync Server Failed

I typically charge my iPhone using a USB cable that attaches to my computer but recently I have been using the wall charger because my computer wasn’t always close. After using the wall charger for a week or so without ever actually syncing my iPhone to iTunes on my Windows 7 computer I attempted to synchronize my iPhone to my computer but received an error related to synchronizing the calendar during the process. I hadn’t modified any settings that I was aware of on the iPhone or within iTunes on the Windows 7 computer so I wasn’t exactly sure what caused the issue to begin with. Below is more information related to the calendar synchronization error and how I was able to resolve the error with one simple setting in iTunes.

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Obtain Dell Express Service Code & Dell Service Tag From Dell Server Running Linux

I wrote a previous article about obtaining the BIOS version on a Dell Poweredge 650 server which had the end goal of updating the BIOS version on the server if a new BIOS version was available. So after obtaining the BIOS version of the Poweredge 650 server I needed the Dell Service Tag from the server so I could use Dell’s web site to see if a new BIOS version was available. Below is information on how to obtain the Dell Service Tag as well as the Dell Express Service code for the server if it is running a Linux operating system.