Technology Errors

CentOS Linux Avahi Error: avahi-daemon[2699]: Invalid query packet

While troubleshooting another problem this evening I noticed a bunch of avahi-daemon errors in the messages log on a CentOS Linux development server. The error hasn’t caused any issues that I am aware of and may be a simple case of a new warning message or another server on the network sending rogue DNS packets to the CentOS server in question. Below is information displaying the error in the messages log and what steps I took to resolve the problem.

Technology Errors

YUM Error: GLib-WARNING **: gmessages.c:387: could not find handler with id XXXXX for domain

Earlier this morning while working on a CentOS Linux development server I received errors when doing anything with the yum package manager. I believe the error started after upgrading the kernel on the server from kernel version 2.6.18-164.15.1.el5 to kernel version 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5. After upgrading the kernel yum would output the same error multiple times as shown in the below output example.

Technology Errors

PostgreSQL Not Starting: FATAL: could not write lock file “”: No space left on device

I have a couple development servers I have been using for testing PostgreSQL configured with walmgr for log shipping. The secondary server stopped working the other day and I finally got a chance to look into it this morning and attempted to restart Postgres via a terminal but it failed. Below I describe how the error was noticed, what was done to troubleshoot PSQL not starting, and what was done to resolve the problem so PostgreSQL would start without issue.

Technology Insights

Ubuntu CLI Mail Command: The program ‘mail’ can be found in the following packages

While working on a clients Ubuntu Linux computer I needed to send some of the logs to myself so I could analyze them at a later date but there was not an SMTP server installed on the computer. This can be resolved by installing the Exim MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) using the below apt-get command which is actually stated fairly clearly in the output of attempting to use the mail command from the Ubuntu CLI as shown below. The initial attempt at using the mail command as well as the output from apt-get is displayed in the below example output.

Technology Errors

Ubuntu Exim Email Error: R=nonlocal: Mailing to remote domains not supported

While working on a clients computer yesterday I needed to send some of the logs from the computer to myself so I could analyze later on my computer. At first I had to install the Exim MTA which I will write an article on in the near future but once installed mail was still not being received. You won’t actually receive an error from the CLI when attempting to use the mail command from the CLI however after investigating the Exim logs located in /var/log/exim/ the below error was observed and resolving the issue was completed using the steps below.