Technology Insights

No Video Displaying For D-Link DCS-3220 Surveillance Camera

Earlier this week I brought some security cameras from my house to the computer shop to hookup not only for security but also so we could make some funny clips about what happens in the store and on the sidewalk outside of the store. I ended up bringing 4 cameras which included a D-Link DCS-3220 and three D-Link DCS-950G’s. The D-Link DCS-3220 is a much nicer surveillance camera than the D-Link 950G’s however it doesn’t have wireless capabilities like the DCS-950G. The first camera I attempted to get working was the DCS-3220 but almost immediately I ran into issues which made me think I had damaged the camera bringing it to the shop.

Technology Insights

Upgrade Google Chrome To Google Chrome Beta Version

I have been using Google Chrome for quite sometime and believe it to currently be the best all around browser. The browser is easily the most lightweight mainstream browser available and it appears to be gaining ground on the other popular browsers including FireFox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. There are still certain web sites and hardware that has internal browsers that require you to use FireFox or IE however that list continues to become shorter. Anyhow the current stable version of Google Chrome is 7.0.517.44 and I wanted to upgrade to the latest beta version which is Google Chrome version 8.0.552.28.

Technology Insights

Enable JavaScript In IE8, Enable Internet Explorer 8 JavaScript

A client of mine was trying to visit a web site they use for medical research in Internet Explorer 8 and was obtaining an error from the web site. The site noted that cookies and JavaScript must be enabled to use the site which according to the client were both enabled. Below are instructions on how to enable JavaScript in IE8 as well as how to verify that cookies are enabled in IE8 as well.

Technology Errors

iTunes Could Not Back Up The iPhone Because The Backup Was Corrupt

Earlier when I plugged my iPhone into my laptop via USB to charge it I got a pop up error message stating that the sync process with iTunes could not take place because the iPhone backup was corrupted. I believe yesterday in the middle of syncing with iTunes I had to unplug my iPhone and it must have corrupted the backup that was in process. Fixing this problem is easily accomplished by deleting the backup file that iTunes stores. Below I have more details about the error itself as well as steps on how to resolve the issue.