Technology Errors

HylaFAX sendfax Error: textfmt: No font metric information found for “Courier-Bold”

Earlier while troubleshooting an issue for a client of mine I ran into an issue when testing HylaFAX’s sendfax via the CLI. The error complained of some font files that appear to have been previously upgraded by someone else on the server which is running a fairly old version of Ubuntu Linux. Anyhow the error along with the quick resolution to the issue are noted below.

Technology Insights

Resume Chrome Download, Google Chrome Resume Download Of crdownload Files

Continuing Google Chrome downloads that have been canceled because of a crashed browser, a Windows bluescreen, or some other reason is quite easy by using the tools available via Linux. The primary tool used to continue downloading files on a Linux computer is called wget and can be obtained for Windows using the information below. If a Chrome download has been cancelled for some reason you can continue downloading the file using wget as explained below. I am surprised there is not a extension that provides a resume feature yet however I imagine one will be coming along in the near future.

Technology Insights

Photoshop Filters Greyed Out, Cannot Use Adobe Photoshop Filters

When editing a GIF image via Photoshop earlier I needed to blur out a couple items in an image I had taken however I was unable to use the Photoshop filters that I typically use to do so. Each of the Photoshop filter menu items were greyed out and Photoshop would not let me select any of them. Use the information below to modify the Mode and enable the ability to use the Photoshop filters.

Technology Insights

Reboot Windows 7 Using Remote Desktop

Earlier tonight while working on a Windows 7 Ultimate server I needed to reboot the computer to complete some changes made on the server but the Restart/Shutdown capabilities are removed from the start menu for security reasons. Luckily you can still easily reboot Windows 7 remotely when connected via Remote Desktop using the instructions below.