Information Security

How To See If PPTP Clients Are Connected To pfSense Firewall

Earlier I wanted to see if any PPTP clients were connected to an internal network through a pfSense firewall but wasn’t sure best way to do it. Turns out that outside of the pfSense command line I am not sure there is a best way so below I describe how to check for PPTP connected clients via the pfSense CLI as we as numerous way to check for connected clients via the pfSense web interface.

Technology Insights

Show Bluetooth Device MAC Address In Windows 7

While working on a project this weekend I needed a quick way to see a specific Bluetooth devices MAC address in Windows 7 because it was not displaying properly under the Windows Bluetooth Devices section. The easiest way that I located to display Bluetooth device MAC addresses in Windows 7 was by using an application called BluetoothView. Below I describe how to download BluetoothView, run BluetoothView, and obtain the a Bluetooth devices MAC address in Windows 7.

Technology Insights

Windows Virtual PC DNS Not Working Over Shared Networking NAT

Windows Virtual PC is pretty slick for having virtual machines on a Windows 7 computer. I use it for multiple Linux virtual environments including Backtrack and CentOS on a  regular basis. One issue you may run into is that your wireless network card will likely not work in Linux so you will be required to use shared networking (NAT) instead. Below is information on what you will need to do to get shared networking (NAT) operational in Backtrack Linux.

Technology Errors

Nmap 5.51: Zenmap: Error Saving Snapshot: Surface.write_to_png takes one argument which must be a filename (str)

I upgraded to Nmap 5.51 early this afternoon because a friend asked me to take a look at creating a topology image of a network scan of around 3,000 hosts. After upgrading I opened his scan in Zenmap and attempted to export the topology of the scan as a PNG but I received an error which I at first assumed was an issue on my computer or an issue with the fact that the export to PNG image was taking place on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer however both of those turned out to be incorrect. Below I describe the error in more detail as well as the current newest Nmap version that will allow PNG export, a workaround for the issue, and notes about the response from the Nmap development team that already pushed a fix to SVN only a couple hours after the issue was reported (+1 Nmap devs!).