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DDWRT: Why Is SSH Management Greyed Out On DD-WRT Administration Page

Earlier when attempting to login to a DD-WRT router at my house I was unable to so I figured when I upgraded the software last night that is must have disabled SSH Management for some reason. I went into the web interface to turn SSH Management on but it was greyed out. Luckily the fix is easy but wanted to note it in an article in case others couldn’t find the location to turn SSH on in DDWRT.

Information Security

OSX Lion Firewall Process Name

OK this article is sort of silly and will be fairly short and to the point but earlier I was trying to find the process name of the OSX Lion firewall. During the process of looking for the OSX Lion firewall process name I learned a bunch of little firewall tidbits such as there are a ton of settings you can set from the command line, there are third party OSX Lion Firewall GUI configuration tools, and there are complete third party firewalls available for install on OSX Lion.

Technology Insights

How To Stop Time Machine From Backing Up Every Hour

Time Machine is really cool because it automates the task of backups since most of us forget to do this on a regular basis. The unfortunate part of Time Machine is the lack of control you have regarding when Time Machine backs up. By default the Time Machine application backs data up once an hour which in my scenario is a nightmare since its pretty much constantly copying data to my Time Capsule. Luckily there is an easy solution to schedule backups on a granular schedule called Time Machine Editor. Use the information below to stop Time Machine backups from happening once every hour.