Code Snippets

Represent A Tab When Using sed Find/Replace

The other day I needed to create a RightScript shell script that would update a couple configuration files on a server that was being launched in the RackSpace Cloud via RightScale. I decided to use SED to find and replace content within the configuration files. The first pass at the script failed because what I thought were spaces ended up being tabs. Use the information below to represent a tab within a shell script when using sed.

Technology Insights

Xbox 360 Transfer Account From Hard Drive To USB Flash Drive

Recently I have been using my Xbox 360 gamer profile a lot at my office to stream music using Zune. While I do have an Xbox 360 at my office and at my house it can be a pain because I have to lug the hard drive with my Microsoft Xbox 360 Gamer Profile on it back and forth between the two locations. Last week I ordered a 16GB USB flash drive to move my account onto so I would only have to take a USB stick with me when streaming music at locations that already had a Xbox 360 in place.

Technology Insights

Rename USB Drive Used With Xbox 360

Recently I started using a USB flash drive to store my Xbox 360 gamer profile on and realized it would be nice to name it properly so if I have decide to have more than one USB flash drive in use with my Xbox 360 they won’t both be named the default of Memory Unit. Follow the directions below to rename a USB drive that is being used with your Xbox 360.

Technology Insights

Configure USB Flash Drive To Work With Xbox 360

Instead of having a hard drive on your Microsoft Xbox 360 you can instead use any USB hard drive. The limitation is the fact that you can only format 16GB of any USB drive to work with the Xbox 360 so unless you want multiple partitions on the USB drive I would actually just purchase a USB flash drive with a maximum of 16GB of usable space. To use the USB flash drive with your Xbox 360 you have to first format the drive which is explained in detail below.