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How To Create A WordPress Page That Lists All Of Your Tags

While working on this site I decided to not only have a tag cloud widget but also build out a page that included nothing but a list of all the tags marked for each article. This way someone could click on the tag page I wanted to list all the tags in alphabetical order and look for a specific tag. The WordPress documentation page is awesome so it was fairly easy to find though I had to search the documentation rather than typing in my question on a search engine and locating the answer quickly.

Code Snippets

Shell Script To Check Number Of Rows In A PostgreSQL Database

The below code snipet was created to check the number of rows in a PostgreSQL database, log the output to a file, and warn if the number of rows is over a certain number. There are numerous variables in the code snipet below that will need to be modified for it to work properly including message, notify, dbuser, and logfile. This code was created on CentOS some other items could be different including the location of the date command.

This script can be run as follows: checkrows $host $database