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Export Outlook Contacts to Excel or Export Windows Mail Contacts to Excel

Below is a step by step guide to export your Microsoft Outlook contacts to Excel as well as a step by step guide to export your Windows Mail to Excel. If you are running Windows Vista follow the Windows Mail steps and any other Windows version, including Windows XP, should use the Microsoft Outlook steps.


Export Contacts from Windows Mail to Excel:

  1. Open Windows Mail: Click Start Icon, Click All Programs, Choose Windows Mail
  2. Select Contacts: From Windows Mail Select Tools, Select Windows Contacts, Left Click Windows Contacts.
  3. select-contacts


Technology Insights

ISPConfig RapidSSL Certificate Not Installing Correctly

I recently reinstalled a CentOS 5.2 server running ISPConfig using apache for virtual web hosting. The first site I was reinstalling the RapidSSL certificate for was not working. It continued to tell me that it was a non trusted self signed certificate. Eventually I figured out the only issue was that ISPConfig was not restarting the web server thus not taking the RapidSSL cert. Once I restarted the web server manually everything worked properly. A couple things to note though are exactly how to install a SSL Certificate with ISPConfig and how to regenerate the servers self signed certificate if necessary.

Installing a SSL Certificate for a Virtual Host with ISPConfig:

  1. Create Site: Create the hosting account using your typical methods with ISPConfig

Technology Errors

NextGen Gallery with Tiltview Pictures Look Distorted and Causing Resource Issues

I have been playing around with Tiltview for the past couple of days which is an addition to a WordPress plugin called NextGen FlashViewer. Let me start by saying that even though I had a couple problems when starting out the combination of NextGen Gallery, NextGen Flashviewer, and Tiltview is one of the coolest combinations I have seen. It actually is fairly easy to get going and surprisingly when configured properly is not a huge CPU and memory hog. If you have configuration errors as mentioned below it can clearly be a PC resource monster. You definitely can see it taking up some memory but most client PC’s have plenty to handle Tiltview style applications these days. If you have something configured incorrectly as I mention below it wil easily crash browsers and possibly lock up the entire PC. My 1.8 GHz Windows XP laptop with 2GB of RAM was on its knees begging for mercy during troubleshooting the issues I explain below.