Technology Errors

dhcp3-server: Depends: dhcp3-common (= 3.1.3-2ubuntu3.2) but 3.1.3-2ubuntu3.3 is to be installed

When attempting to install dhcp3-server on BackTrack Linux version 5 R3 you likely will run into a dependency error. This error was received on a brand new install of BT5r3 so the issue would be the same on any current install. Below I describe the error installing dhcp3-server on Backtrack in more detail as well as how to easily fix the problem. It should also be noted that this will likely fix other dependency issues you might have run into with a fresh install of BT5r3.

Technology Insights

Sniff All Broadcast Traffic Using tcpdump

Earlier while troubleshooting a possible issue with VMWare Player on Ubuntu Linux I needed to sniff broadcast traffic. The goal was to see if there were multiple MAC addresses sending out broadcast traffic after VMWare Player was installed on Ubuntu even without a VM actually running. Below is a quick example of how to sniff Ethernet broadcast and multicast traffic using tcpdump.

Technology Insights

Change BackTrack 5 Boot Splash Screen

Recently I wanted to change the splash screen for BackTrack 5r3 which runs on a base of Ubuntu Linux 10.04 codename Lucid. To do this follow the steps below so each time your computer reboots you can have the splash screen of your choice. Do keep in mind that if the kernel is updated you may have to follow these instructions again.

Technology Insights

Asterisk Check T1 Status Because Faxes Sent Via Hylafax Fail

If you have a Asterisk system being used for sending and receiving faxes and all of the sudden the faxes all start failing with various error messages the first thing that should be checked is the status of either the analog telephone lines, the T1’s, or the SIP provider you are using as a outbound proxy. Below I describe some of the error messages that may be received via Hylafax in this example as well as how to check the status of the T1’s themselves to make sure that there are no alarms present before you have to get into troubleshooting Hylafax in detail.

Technology Insights

dpkg: error processing likewise-open (–configure), Join Linux Server To Windows Domain Controller

In the past I have used likewise-open to join Linux servers to a Windows domain controller. There were always at least some issues using likewise-open and even though it was always possible to get it working it was always a pain. Today I started the process and of course ran into an error which is noted below in more detail so I did some research and came across centrify which ended up being much easier and worked without issue. Use the instructions below to install, configure, and use centrify to join a Linux server to a Windows DC.