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pg_ctl: Server Does Not Shut Down – Force Postgres to Shutdown

You might see the following when issuing the normal stop command to postgres via pg_ctl.

-bash-3.1$ pg_ctl stop
waiting for server to shut down……………………………………………………… failed
pg_ctl: server does not shut down

Sometimes postgres does not want to shutdown by just issuing a pg_ctl stop as the postgres user. User might feel the need to “kill -9” the postgres processes however this could be dangerous for PostgreSQL. Instead of trying to kill the PID follow the directions below in an attempt to stop postgres in an organized fashion.

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How to List Crontabs For All Users in Linux

In Linux you can list the contents of a users crontab from root by issuing the below command:

[root@server ~]#crontab -u username -l

How do you list crontabs for all of the users on your Linux server? The easiest way is to list the contents of /var/spool/cron which will provide you a list of all of the users that have cron entries. Then if you need the specific details of a users cron entries you can use the command above and replace username with the username in question to see the details.

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How to Merge Multiple Excel Fields Together, Merge Excel Cells Together

Its fairly easy to merge Microsoft Excel fields together but you have to be aware of formulas and then with how to pull that data out of the formula to save it on its own. I used this to merge title, first name, and last name together. Follow the directions below and you should have no problems merging Excel fields together.

1. New Column: Add the below formula to a new column.

=CONCATENATE(A1,” “,B1,” “,C1)

Microsoft Excel Formula for Merge

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Linux CLI FTP Over Explicit TLS SSL

Use lftp for Linux command line FTP with explicit TLS/SSL. I was still having trouble though with lftp and implicit TLS/SSL. Below is the command to use lftp to connect to an FTP server that requires an explicit TLS/SSL. Command: lftp -du user,password   You should see the below after connecting. Type ls to see…