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Monarch Configuration Tips and Tricks to Manage Nagios Configuration Files

As you add services, contacts, contact groups, commands, and devices to Nagios the bulk editing begins to become very tedious. Monarch is a great tool to manage Nagios configuration(.cfg) files.  To install Monarch follow the instructions provided in the README.txt that comes with the product. Below I provide instructions to assist in that installation along with some tips and tricks that I learned along the way.

**UPDATE** I realized when reading back through this article that I had not included a download link for Monarch so click here to download Monarch to manage your Nagios configuration files.

How to Install Monarch

  1. Install Perl Modules: Install the following perl modules via the CPAN shell: CGI-Session, Class-Accessor, XML-LibXML-Common, XML-NamespaceSupport, XML-SAX, XML-LibXML-1.58, CGI, DBI, DBD-mysql, File::Copy, CGI-Ajax, Data-FormValidator, JavaScript-DataFormValidator, Carp, IO-Socket, Time-Local, and URI-Escape.First start CPAN.

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Upgrade Denon 3808ci Firmware

The Denon 3808ci is an awesome receiver for the mid level home audio user. I use them to power two different setups in my house and try to update the firmware once a month by using the following instructions.

  1. Open Menu: Click menu on your remote control
  2. Manual Setup: Use the up or down arrow to navigate to the Manual Setup menu.
  3. Options Setup: Use the up or down arrow to navigate to the Options Setup menu.
  4. Firmware Upgrade: Use the up or down arrow to navigate to the Firmware Upgrade menu and click start upgrade.

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.htaccess Redirect All Traffic to www

There are a couple things that need to be considered when creating an htaccess file to redirect all traffic from a domain to www.domain. Follow the instructions below to make sure you have your bases covered and traffic is redirected properly.

  1. mod rewrite:Make sure the rewrite_module is being loaded. You should see a line like the following in your apache configuration file (typically /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf).
  2. bash

    1. LoadModule rewrite_module modules/