Technology Insights

Sync iPod Touch to a Second Computer, iPod Touch not Syncing

When I was attempting to sync my iPod Touch to  second computer it appeared as if nothing was happening but the computer is under the desk so I finally realized I was missing an error message. The error stated  be the iPod was locked so it could not sync with this computer. After typing in the password the Touch started to sync but iTunes stopped the sync and stated that the iPod Touch was already synced to another computer and let me know that it can only be synced to one PC at a time.

At this point it offered three options which are below:

  1. Erase the iPod Touch and sync with this Windows computers iTunes.
  2. Copy purchased software to this computer.
  3. Don’t sync with this computer.

Technology Insights

Send PGP Encrypted Messages with Gmail

The easiest way to send encrypted email with Gmail that I have found is to do so with Firefox and the FireGPG plugin. You can either encrypt the message before typing it into Gmail or you can type the message and then highlight the text and run the FireGPG plugin to encrypt it. Below are a few simple steps that should help encrypt email you are sending through Gmail to someone who has a PGP key.

NOTE:The below steps are if the FireGPG buttons are not showing in Gmail and is a temporary fix until FireGPG is updated and the entire message can be encrypted. I will update this with a link to the new article/howto once FireGPG is updated.