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How to Edit svn:externals from Unix Shell or from TortoiseSVN on Windows

This is a mini how to that shows how to edit svn:externals from a UNIX shell or from TortoiseSVN on Windows. Follow the simple directions below to modify the svn:externals and commit to your SVN repository. I performed the below two sets of steps on CentOS 5.2 for the Linux stepsĀ and on Windows XP Service Pack 3 for the Windows steps.

svn:externals from UNIX/Linux shell

  1. Set SVN_EDITOR: First you will need to set the SVN_EDITOR to your favorite UNIX/Linux editor. I perfer vi so following this exact will open the svn:externals in the vi editor. If you want to use a different editory simply change /bin/vi to the path of your favorite editor.
  2. bash

    1. [root@server ~]$ SVN_EDITOR='"/bin/vi"'
    2. [root@server ~]$ export SVN_EDITOR

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Install Spellcheck for Notepad++ on Windows

Notepad++ is an upgraded notepad application that provides a lot of functionality past the typical notepad application in Windows. Not only does it provide a tab system to view multiple files easily at the same time but it provides functionality to open and edit many more file types. To add spellcheck to Notepad++ you will need to download and install Aspell which you can complete by using the directions below.

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Windows XP Slow After Windows Search Installed

I haven’t done a ton of testing with Windows Search but the goal is to rival Google Desktop application that allows you to easily search directories and files on your computer. I have installed and tested each of these on my laptop and quickly uninstalled each. Currently my laptop has 2GB of RAM and a 1.2GHz processor and at this point just not enough power to handle either application. I have yet to try it on one of my desktops with a more powerful processor and more RAM however I still don’t think it would be worth the processing and memory cost. After uninstalling Windows Search my Outlook and Internet Explorer applications were immediately much faster.

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Outlook 2007 Reply, Reply All, and Forward Are All Greyed Out

If you have recently installed or are in the process of upgrading Microsoft Outlook 2007 there is a possibility that some of the functionality is disabled. This functionality could be disabled for many reasons though all have easy solutions which I walk through below.

Activate Software:Make sure your software is activated no matter if it is just a trial or if you have the full version of Outlook 2007 you have to make sure the software is activated. If you are unsure you can check to see if Outlook 2007 is activated by clicking Help in the top menu and then selecting “Activate Product”. If the product is activated you will see the below message stating “The product has already been activated”.

Outlook 2007 is Activated