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How to Change Microsoft Visio Units Ratio to Drawing Size

Currently I am working on a layout of an office using Microsoft Visio and needed to change the size of units on the page soI could fit more feet per block of the drawing. Follow the steps below to change the ratio of units on the page.

  1. Open Visio: Select start, then Program Files, and select Microsoft Office Visio.
  2. Open Visio Options: Once your project is open select Tools from the top menu and then select Options from the menu drop down.

Technology Insights

Install and Configure NTP on CentOS 5.X

This is just a brief howto about installing and configuring NTPD (Network Time Protocol Daemon) on a Linux server which in this case is specifically NTPD. First we will install ntpd, then update the current time on the server, configure ntpd to restart on server boot, and then start ntpd.

  1. Install NTPD: Run the below command to install ntpd via yum.
  2. bash

    1. [root@server ~]# yum install ntp

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How to Turn Off SELinux on a CentOS Server

Follow the below directions to turn off selinux on a CentOS server. SeLinux can cause many issues and if your server is behind a properly configured firewall as well as the systems administrator only opens necessary ports that are configured properly your risks should be minimal.

  1. Modify selinux Configuration:Modify the selinux config file by issuing the command below and changing the SELINUX option to disabled as shown below.
  2. bash

    1. [root@server ~]#vi /etc/selinux/config