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Get the Latest Git Repository Tag

To obtain the latest git repo tag issue the below command. In my case this is how we list the latest master version of what is pushed to our test server or live server. bash [web@server project]# git describe 1.0.0-21-g58c28a4 Our format is main_version-revision-hash which will ensure that all commits are unique. You can issue…

Technology Insights

Use yum to Get More Information About a Package on Linux

You can use yum to gain more information about a package by using the below command.


  1. yum info <em>package_name</em>

Using the “info” option will provide details about the package including what version is installed, what versions are available, the yum repo it is available from, the size of the installed package, the size of the new package, the version, the release, a summary about the package, and a detailed description of the package. An example using postgresql-server is below.