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How to Dump the Data From One PostgreSQL Table

Below is the command to use when you would like to dump only the data from a postgreSQL table. There are other options to use to dump the schema, multiple tables, exclude certain tables, or backup the entire database but these command line switches will dump only the data fromĀ one postgreSQL table.

In the below example replace table_name with the name of the table you are backing up, file_name with the name of the output file (optionally add a path to the file name), and database_name with the name of the database where the table is located.

Technology Insights

How to Turn Off Email Attachments Being DEFANGED in Microsoft Outlook

If attachments are showing up in your Microsoft Outlook inbox with a modified ending such as .doc being changed to .1324DEFANGED-doc then the issue is more than likely with your mail server instead of your email client. There is an application called MailScanner that modifies the file ending as a security measure to stop any files from being executed automatically. Below I briefly discuss modifying this setting on a Linux server using ISPConfig.

The easiest way to resolve this issue on a per user basis with an ISPConfig Linux server is to disable MailScanner for that user. MailScanner does provide numerous other security checks though so it is not recommended to disable it but if you must disable the file ending modification then modify the below files.